Summer Camp
POG Summer Camp 2024
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Camp Policies


Cell phones, iPods, and hand held video games should be left at home. We have found that these items can interfere with promoting the building of relationships with one another at camp and with the Lord. They can become an unnecessary distraction throughout the week.


We strive to honor God and show respect for others in all we do. We care very much about your daughters' dignity and modesty. Therefore we ask that you follow these guidelines while packing their clothes.

  • Girls' tops: No undergarments should be showing (i.e., bra straps or any part of the bra). Midriff and chest should be fully covered.
  • Boys' tops: No tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • Girls' bottoms: Leggings are not appropriate at camp because they are NOT pants; Bottom should be fully covered (while sitting, while being active); shorts should be no higher than the middle of the thigh. Dresses & skirts should be modest/comfortable while standing or sitting, so no shorter than 1-2 inches above the knee.
  • Boys' bottoms: Full length athletic shorts that cover the thigh (or comparable)
  • Girls' bathing suits: Modest 1-piece suits are required…. Smart girls know…modest is the most dignified!
  • Boys' bathing suits: Modest swim trunks


Every adult staff member is required to have current criminal and child abuse clearances.